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    Product level (Individual Product) Options<\/h1>\n

    Using the individual product options. You can override \/ change the settings for an individual product separately. For example: When you configure the variation dropdown into swatches. The dropdowns will be represented as swatch for all of the products. But for a few products you don’t want to represent the variations as swatches rather want to show the native dropdown menu. This is one of the cases you will need to use the \u201cIndividual Product\u201d options. There are also several other cases of using these options. Explore the options below to get an idea about what you can do.<\/p>\n\n\n\n

    Swatches Settings for an individual product<\/em><\/figcaption><\/figure>\n\n\n\n
    \u201ccolor\u201d type swatch options for an individual product.<\/em><\/figcaption><\/figure>\n\n\n\n
    \u201cimage\u201d type swatch options for an individual product.<\/em><\/figcaption><\/figure>\n"}}